Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introverts and Careers

I am an introvert.  However, if you didn't know me well, you really wouldn't know this.  I like being around people.  I contribute to conversations.  I am social, lively, and even sometimes loud.  The only difference between me and extroverts is that 1) I recharge my batteries by disconnecting and 2) I have a preference toward being prepared rather than being asked for information off the cuff.

As I was scanning Twitter this evening, I noticed a tweet that said, "The Day I Stopped Being an Introvert Is the Day My Career Really Started."  That statement really took me aback.  If I were a college student with introverted tendencies, I might think that I needed to change my wiring to succeed.  I was a bit relieved when I went to the linked blog article, "The Day I Stepped Out of My Comfort zone Is the Day My Career Really Started."  That was much better. 

I looked through the article to see if the term "introvert" was utilized again.  It was not.  For that matter, the bottom of the article contained the following message:  "The original title of this article was “The Day I Stopped Being an Introvert Is the Day My Career Really Started.” Unfortunately, we missed the mark here. The headline has since been changed."  Many thanks to the editor for catching this common misconception.

If you are an introvert, do not listen to those who mistake introversion for shyness or incapability.  Instead, realize that your style is to err on the side of preparedness and take a break from the chatter when required.

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