Saturday, July 16, 2011

I deserve...

What do you believe that you deserve?  What job would be "fair" for someone of your experience, education, and skills?  How much should you command in compensation?

Just this week, I spoke to an HR representative who relayed how new graduates often have an elevated view of their worth to companies.  They don't believe that they should have to start at the bottom and feel that they deserve a salary greater than their actual worth.  In reality, these new grads are positioning themselves for the unemployment line.

Each of us should take a moment for a reality check, especially when searching for a first job.  It might be that a company has designed career paths to begin at the bottom so that the new employee can learn the business.

In addition, research the jobs that successful people have held during their careers.  Take a moment to read The Humbling First Jobs of 25 Very Successful Celebrities and Business Leaders in HR World.  In addition, read The Entitlement Trap in The Change Blog.

"An entitlement is a want that a person feels she has already earned. I have seen this as a hiring manager – students just out of college feel entitled to jobs because they have a degree. I have seen this in our economy – people who feel they deserve more money and less financial debt given the amount of years they have been in the workforce."

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