Friday, June 24, 2011

Start-up to scrutinize online activity

On 9/28 of last year, Forbes reported on a new start-up, Social Intelligence Corp., in their article Creepy Start-Up Or Sign Of The Times.  This company is devoted to online social media scrutiny.

Per Forbes: Social Intelligence Corp. is essentially taking the traditional background checks that are commonly used by corporate human resource departments to look for things like criminal records and moving them online to track social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn, and individual blogs...“You cannot believe the things that we see. The amount of references to drugs and alcohol and the amount of provocative photos and the things that people say is jaw dropping,” says Max Drucker, chief executive of Social Intelligence Corp.  Read more...

The company was in the news again on 6/21/11.  Per ITWorld, Social Intelligence CEO, Max Drucker asserts that the company only scans the internet for four things:  1) Racially insensitive remarks 2) Sexually explicit materials 3) Flagrant displays of weaponry and 4) Other demonstrations of clearly illegal activity.

The lesson here is that we should all be aware of what we share publicly on the web.  Although Social Intelligence claims that it only shares what is readily available and not locked down by social media privacy features, it is crucial that all job seekers - and even employees - understand that they must maintain a sound online reputation regardless.  For instance, if you are a sportsman who enjoys skeet shooting or hunting, do not put gun photos up on the web.  While you may be the perfect law-abiding citizen and your activities clearly legal, your employer / potential employer might not appreciate your gun-related hobbies.  Some things are best enjoyed offline.

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