Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 Jobs Report

District of Columbia

D.C. will add 3,700 additional jobs courtesy of the U.S. government.  http://bit.ly/j8kmlA


Honda Motor company is adding 1,000 jobs in Indiana.  http://bit.ly/laXt0r


CARBO Ceramics will be expanding and adding 40 new jobs.  http://bit.ly/kEWig1

North Carolina

A greenhouse and biomass power plant will be built in NC for a total of 300 new jobs.  http://bit.ly/lmAcoW  

Mitsubishi Energy Systems will invest in an engineering center and add 135 jobs. http://bit.ly/mzdvGr


JP Morgan Chase has 900 positions to fill.  http://bit.ly/kUjILN


The great state of Texas has some good news.  They are far ahead of the pack in adding new jobs over the past ten years.  http://bit.ly/mAC6cN  In addition, their GDP has outpaced total U.S. GDP.  http://bit.ly/iBVOwN

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