Saturday, April 25, 2015

Warning: The Best Laid Career Plans Can Experience Detours!

Too many young folks feel pressure to choose what they will be doing for the rest of their lives.  Can you imagine the gravity of such a choice in your early twenties?  

Lighten up!  The fact is, life rarely comes at you this way.

Anne Fisher uses the following quote from Nathan Gebhard (Co-founder, Creative Director at Roadtrip Nation Education) in the Fortune article, A few thoughts on how to choose a career.
...An absurdly small minority knew early on what they wanted to do and just went and did it. Careers don’t work that way anymore, if they ever did. Instead, it’s about making lots of small decisions that build momentum over time, and readjusting if something doesn’t feel right.”
Your career is like the beginning of a long trip.  You may have planned, packed and made certain arrangements.  But, when you arrive at your destination, you learn.  It may not be what you imagined.  Or, perhaps you see something else that interests you that wasn't on your itinerary.  It's possible you could run into detours on your journey.  

So, if nothing else, mind your transferable skills.  Know as much as possible about yourself. Learn how to communicate your value to others.  More importantly, utilize your talent and experience to give of yourself.  You will build amazing bridges that way.  

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