Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jobvite's Job Seeker Nation Report

Job seekers and the career curious can find good information in this easy-to-read webpage. My only hesitation with the report is the small sample size.  Still, I think it may be informative and open a window on how some job seekers are approaching their search.  

An excerpt from the webpage is below.  You can find more information online and download the full report. 
The economy is reviving, the job market continues to grow, and job seekers are on the prowl. Our 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study, now in its sixth year, once again uncovers the most important facts about what motivates today’s workforce to leave, look for, and land jobs. 
Now more than ever, we’re seeing job seekers take control of their search for employment—using mobile devices to look for work from just about anywhere, leveraging social networks to find opportunities, and basing offer acceptance on the things that matter most to them, such as compensation and work/life balance. Other interesting findings touch on trends in job tenure, reasons for leaving employment, and honesty on social media.

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