Sunday, April 19, 2015

Can you get ahead doing this?

I am doing laundry on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  The smell of lavender washing detergent is in the air while the rain patters against the window.  I find myself amid another career article.  But, this time, it is for the person who already has a job and wants to advance in his or her career.

The Entrepreneur article is entitled 9 Easy Career Hacks That Very Few People Actually Do.  Here they are:
  1. Listen & write down what you hear
  2. Get your data organized
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Look for prior art
  5. Over-communicate
  6. Double check
  7. Follow up
  8. Play nice and be nice
  9. Think differently
I think the author, David Teten, has hit on some really good points.  At first, they may seem a bit obvious, but I agree that not everyone does them routinely.  I would point out that they really do need to be practiced and become habit.  This can be a challenge when we are busy and attempting to cut corners on our time.

If I really had to put another title on this article, I would entitle it "Managing Up." By making these nine points habit, we are assured of not only following leadership directives, but also providing a feedback loop that will be invaluable to them.

If I had to emphasize any of the points, I would pull out #2 and #9 because I think that data has become increasingly important in story telling and that there are some amazing tools out there that can bring that data to life.  What a gift a well-presented story is to your boss!

Take time to read the article.  Enjoy!

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