Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The skinny on why you may not be getting an offer...

Hats off to Heather Huhman!  She puts her finger right on a problem that some interviewers face - themselves!  The problem is that they either don't know this or are in complete denial.

Managing your career works!  The difference between you and similarly qualified candidate may boil down to to preparedness.  You must have a polished resume, a customized cover letter, and a professional appearance and demeanor. You should have your elevator speech so polished that it just automatically rolls off your tongue with sincerity. You should have carefully researched the company and the industry.  Finally, you should know how to interview and have practiced potential interview questions.
College career centers employ career experts to assist students in preparing for their careers.  The really good career centers teach students about the world of work, lead students through various career and personality assessments and train students on lifelong career management skills.  If you are not in college, there are still a number of resources available to assist you.

Interestingly, some people are blind to their need for career assistance.  They may believe that their degree or experience is enough.  Some have connections that they are relying upon, including parents or friends. Unfortunately for them, their competition is getting prepared.

Take a moment to read Heather Huhman's article Why You're Always the Interviewee and Never Hired on Talent Culture.  Excerpt:
I am convinced — as I have been for a long time — that many more people would be employed if they just took a closer look at what they might be doing “wrong” during their job search. 

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  1. Every college should have a career counseling class.

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