Monday, July 11, 2011

Where can I find a job in this market?

While it may seem that any job search will be a futile task in this economy, this is not so.  Even in the worst of economies, work goes on, people retire, businesses have needs... 

Your job is to find where you fit into business needs.  It is not always an easy task.  But, with a bit of effort such as a polished resume and practiced elevator speech, you could be on your way to a job.  The goal is to always have your personal brand honed and at the ready despite whether you are currently job seeking or gainfully employed.  Then, cultivate an awareness of the job market and where hiring is taking place. 

Kaitlin Madden of the Work Buzz reviews the industries and sectors that are currently stable or growing in the article Where to find a job in a stalling market.

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