Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When job hunting, treat the gate keepers with respect.

We've all seen it - the receptionist, secretary or personal assistant who gets verbally hammered by an irate person who is venting frustration or, unfortunately, is incorrigibly rude.  Apparently people who do this feel that the gate keeper is helpless and harmless.  Not so! 

We should all abide that lovely golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you - as a matter of practice.  That is a matter of civility and good manners.  However, those who tend to be the pushier or more abrasive sort, would do well to remember that gate keepers can slam the door shut in your face and possibly catch a limb in there while doing so. 

FINS Sales and Marketing just released a piece on this subject entitled "Ten Reasons to Be Nice to Receptionists." 

You straighten your tie and check your teeth for lettuce before the big interview with your potential boss, but there's another interview you should be prepared for -- that with the company's receptionist. He or she is the first person you meet when you arrive at a prospective employer and the last person you see before you leave. Here are ten things receptionists would tell you if they could.  Read more...

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