Sunday, June 26, 2011

Social Media Predictions For Recruiting

Matt Kaiser writes the following predictions in his article SHRM 11 Spotlight: Reinventing Recruiting:
If you still think social media is a fad in recruitment, here are some predictions to ponder:

  • Resumes will become obsolete. Your resume will be your “personal brand,” accessed online through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube (Video Resumes).
  • Everyone around the globe will have a Facebook profile – and instead of Googling a good restaurant or hotel, you’ll just ask your Facebook network.
  • Metrics will become obsolete – because you will source your own social networks for candidates.
I couldn't agree more.  Companies are getting into the same online space as job seekers.  Therefore, these predictions are simply common sense projections.  So, if you are hesitant about social media, it is time to get over your hesitations, build or clean up your online image, and get with the times before they leave you behind. 

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  1. Social media recruiting has added power to every organization’s recruiting process. These social media websites are getting more refined with the recruitment needs and requirements & constantly responding to them with new capabilities and more interesting part is that, companies are getting really creative in using these tools effectively.