Friday, June 17, 2011

Is traditional employment preferable to entrepreneurship?

I have been an entrepreneur.  Along with my husband, we began a virtual automotive scrap yard that sold parts worldwide.  It was hard work.  The financial risk was huge.  The demand was pushing us out of our very modest diggs into a large warehouse.  We needed a good inventory system.  We needed more employees.  We needed a distribution system.  We needed 48-hour days.  We needed investors!  I think you get the hint. 

Working for yourself can be a challenge.  You do it all while you are growing - sales, marketing, finance, cleaning restrooms...  But, if you can stick it out, the rewards can be great. 

Forbes released an article today Why Traditional Employment Is Better Than Entrepreneurship. The points that the writer makes are:

  1. You can focus on doing, not selling
  2. You might have more work/ life balance in a traditional job
  3. Sometimes salary is your biggest asset
  4. Water cooler talk is underrated
  5. Do you really want to clear paper jams?  Read more...
While the writer makes some good points, the article seems to sell entrepreneurship a bit short.  Perhaps you can tell us why someone would prefer entrepreneurship to working for someone else?

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