Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you "Identified?"

Identified (Recruiting Made Social) is a social networking / job search tool that went live in September 2010. Identified's goal is to build the largest college network in the world.  It works with Facebook accounts and can also import LinkedIn data to populate profiles.

According to Identified:
The data on how/when people use tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for job hunting is also useful in highlighting a process that is anything but "social" at the moment. Our belief is that for anything to be "social" there needs to be a focus on two-way dialogue. Most online recruiting channels are inherently broadcast-focused where dialogue often is not solicited. The world of job-seeking is changing and no longer should the model of submitting resumes for a specified job listing be considered the norm. Social media should allow us to learn about companies from our peers as well as ask them for referrals. Companies should have an opportunity to manage their brand online and use their existing employees to source talent and provide feedback to candidates.

Identified will allow users to track companies they're interested in: news, events, and job opportunities. It will allow company-to-user and user-to-user interaction. Powerful filters will allow companies to do sophisticated searches for candidates and to target these candidates with more ease.  The age of true two-way dialogue is upon us with users and companies seamlessly interacting with each other on Identified. 
Identified has over 300 companies listed on its site that are viewable after connection with the application.  Hitting the "apply to" button at a selected company and choosing a particular job function allows the company to contact the user if they are interested.  Hundred's of companies are now recruiting on Identified, including, McKinsey & Company, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Zynga, Deutsche Bank, Bain, BCG, Accenture, Teach for America, Conde Nast, Save the Children and Twitter.

The only drawback, at present, is that the application works with Facebook contacts but not those in LinkedIn.  Therefore, if the user is like most social networkers, who choose to keep professional contacts in LinkedIn and personal contacts in Facebook, the value is diminished somewhat as far as contact-to-contact networking, although the company networking remains intact.

It appears that this endeavor is still very young.  Perhaps there are exciting things in store in the future.

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